E-Intelligence develops ADAS software 
to implement various functions required for autonomous driving.

ADAS Safety Function

E-Intelligence's driver assistance system, ADAS, is developed for safer driving.
Enjoy safe driving through an autonomous driving ADAS solution that protects everyone.
Lane Keeping Assist / Lane Centering System
Lane assist function that recognizes the lane through a camera and prevents vehicle departure to prevent collisions with adjacent lanes.

Automatic Emergency Braking / Steering
Emergency braking and steering functions that help prevent and mitigate collision accidents through emergency braking or evasive steering in advance by recognizing the driving situation of the vehicle and predicting a collision situation using various sensors.

Blind Spot Detection Monitoring

A warning and monitoring function that prevents collisions through collision warning when the driver tries to change lanes by monitoring the rear blind spots around the driving vehicle.

Driver Status Monitoring System 
Driver Drowsiness Attention Warning 

The DMS camera inside the vehicle determines the driver's drowsiness and carelessness, and prevents accidents through warnings and notifications.

ADAS Convenience Function

E-Intelligence's ADAS convenience features improve the driver's convenience 
to reduce driving fatigue and prevent accidents.
Meet E-Intelligence's ADAS solution, which considers safety beyond convenience.

Adaptive Cruise Control

ACC function at the speed set by the vehicle driver or at a set distance from the vehicle ahead. 

Automatic High Beam
AHB function that automatically activates the headlights by recognizing an approaching vehicle, a vehicle in front, and streetlights using camera and radar sensors without the driver's operation of the headlights.

Traffic Sign Recognition
Intelligence Speed Adjustment

TSR, ISA functions that recognize the speed instrument cluster on the road through the camera while driving to inform the vehicle of the appropriate driving speed and to assist the vehicle in maintaining that speed.

High-Way Pilot

Driving convenience function that supports semi-autonomous driving along the driving route set by the driver on the highway.

ADAS Parking Function 

e-Intelligence is working on developing features to help make parking easier. 
Our ADAS Parking Function significantly reduces the risk of accidents that may occur during parking.
Experience easier and more convenient parking.

Remote Auto Parking System

Parking assistance that enables convenient and fast parking by supporting remote parking and exit functions, and also increases the convenience of getting on and off in narrow parking spaces.

Surround View Monitor

Function that helps safe driving by providing the driver with a video of the low-speed driving situation in a narrow alley and the surrounding situation when parking. 

Rear Cross Traffic Assist

Assistance to prevent collisions with targets such as vehicles and pedestrians approaching in blind spots when the vehicle is reversing by warning and emergency braking.

Door Open Warning
Assistance to prevent collisions with targets such as vehicles and motorcycles and bicycles approaching from the rear when exiting the vehicle.

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